Programs & Tuition


Listed below are the tuition fees for 2021.
Please note: the monthly tuition fee is to be paid in advance at the beginning of the month.

It is possible to enroll at any time during the year.

Our Programs

There are six different program packages designed to fulfill varying requirements and to make our services more flexible and affordable for you.

If you feel you would like a program tailored to your needs, please don’t hesitate to ask.


The Crescendo System For All String Instruments

Coaching on the Seven MOST IMPORTANT Technical Aspects of String Instrument Playing

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Mastering The Crescendo System For Violinists

Coaching on the seven MOST IMPORTANT technical aspects of violin playing.

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Get Results!

Preparing for your next goal or an important performance.

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On Track For Success

Preparation for major international violin competitions

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Maestro Program

Preparation for orchestral auditions: all string instruments

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Preparation For University Auditions

Consulting & coaching for our youngest clients – violinists who wish to prepare for conservatory/university auditions.

Plans and Pricing

As a member of the Academy, you are eligible for the significantly discounted rate of $150 per hour.
See boxes 2, 3, 4 & 5 for the programs based on this price.

You can save an additional 10% by pre-paying any of the programs for six month.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

“Prof. Harutyunian is one of the most brilliant people I know. I would highly recommend his Online Violin Academy to any serious person who wants to grow and become a great musician. It will shorten you years of trial and error and endless mistakes, which all musicians in the world go through…”

Dan Flanagan

Violinist, New York, USA

“I really like the online lessons, they are helping me to bring clear sense and perfect structure to my violin playing and I can learn all I need from my home! I’ve never hoped that I might become a professional musician before, but everyday I see how much better I’m getting. My sound is now much more bright and my intonation is really great. My violin playing is getting easier and easier. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

Johannes Rostal

Violin Student, Colon, Germany

“I thought I would try the free lesson offered. Well, I got it and just thought it was absolutely wonderful. I’m 21 years old and I’m finally realizing my dream of learning to play the violin really well and honestly I’ve never seen anything like this before. I feel like I’m really starting to learn with a system that has sense and is well structured and not just playing the violin but learning to make music as well…”

Daniela Nastuzzi

Violinist, Toronto, Canada

“Whenever I practice, I feel that I was lucky to have had your lessons…
Thank you very much. You helped me a lot…”

Kotoko Adachi

Concert Violinist, Tokyo, Japan

“This course is very well thought-out; it’s for beginners and for people who have a lot of experience on the stage. I like Maestro’s teaching style very much because he comes off as a real person who cares and really wants to help us. I think you already know this when you just get your first session with him. I feel blessed for what I have learned through Prof. Harutyunian.”

Yvonne Pajeot

Violin Teacher, Orchestra Violinist, Lyon, France

“Prof. Hrachya Harutyunian is a fascinating violinist and musician, who knows and teaches his students the whole range of musical phenomena. He has clear objectives and educates his students with consequent practicing and specific exercises to precision, self-confidence and deliberate playing. Due to his commitment and his enthusiasm every lesson is becoming to an absolutely exciting event.”

Dagmar Hufeld

1st Violin, Symphony Orchestra Wuppertal, Assistant Professor in Musikhochschule Colon, Germany

“Dear Maestro Harutyunian, Since I am working with you my play has improved so much that I’ve never presumed to believe it is possible. Thank you from bottom of my heart! Your work is first class – in every sense!”

Angelika Schmidt

Concert Violinist, Vienna, Austria

“This is a better education than I got in total of 5 years of my University study! I can’t imagine how different my life would have been had I missed this opportunity… I didn’t really get before how shall I approach what I wanted, i.e. to become a great pro. Maestro Harutyunian’s lessons are something you MUST do for yourself if you want to become a serious violinist!”

Alexis Weinbrot

Violinist, Sydney, Australia

“Prof. Harutyunian is a fabulous teacher whose attention to detail is both challenging and exhilarating. His culture of violin playing and his ability to transmit that culture is astonishing and inspiring. I`m delighted that I crossed his path. My violin playing has benefited tremendously.”

Sally Ann Yeh

Violinist and Pedagogue, Basel/Liestal, Switzerland

“With very precise directions Mr. Harutyunian showed me how to solve the most challenging passages in a relaxed way, but always focused on the music. Another very important thing for me is that – as a consequence of his approach – I discover new solutions every day.
I strongly recommend his teaching method.”

Hugo Eduardo Tagliavini

Cellist, Buenos-Aires, Argentina

“Dear Maestro, People always are telling you that to play violin really well you have to practice, practice and… Well this program actually gave me the steps and taught me how to get what I really want practicing wisely and how to get best results faster, much faster.
I’ve been at your course just for 5 months now and, after three month of the Crescendo System course I can already play Beethoven’s concerto that’s been one of my big dreams. Most importantly, after some years I’m finally making sound come out of that precious Guadagnini violin that I’ve received from my grandfather…”

Catherine Graffman

Violinist, Vienna, Austria

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