How It All Started…

We began in 1996, in Germany, as the “Crescendo!” Violin Academy for Professional String Players. Our goal was, and still is, ambitious: to provide top-level consulting and coaching to string players across the world, building a bridge between the education provided by reputable music institutions, and the requirements that professional musicians meet in real life.

Where We Are Today

Today, we are the number one online violin academy in the world, possessing the resources and the expertise to turn talented musicians into highly successful, internationally recognized artists. Our Online Violin Academy strives to provide something different from the conventional music education available to string players, and offers you the REAL chance to make your dreams as a musician become reality.

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Why Choose The Online Violin Academy?

Our Online Violin Academy provides the one thing no one else in the world offers – the highest level of consulting and coaching for professional string players. We teach what no other music institution is teaching you: the most advanced strategies and tactics you must have in order for you to enjoy a successful career as a professional musician.

All services offered by the Online Violin Academy are conducted exclusively online. This is your chance to work with Prof. Hrachya Harutyunian, the founder and artistic director of the Academy – one of the world’s most sought-after consultants & coaches for concert violinists – without leaving the comfort of your own home!

This means that you won’t have to spend a fortune on traveling, living costs, visas etc., and you can still enjoy the privilege of working with one of the best violin professors in the world today.

Our Secret: The Crescendo System

Our Online Violin Academy provides the most advanced and highly effective practicing & violin performance system in the world, called The Crescendo-System.

Prof. Hrachya Harutyunian, himself a world-class violinist, created this unique system for top performance and has successfully applied it for over three decades to his own career as a concert artist. During this time, he has taught this system to his students many of whom are highly successful today.

You can read more about The Crescendo System here.

You also can find out more about Prof. Harutyunian here.

What Makes Us Different?

Some of the information and knowledge you are going to be able to access at the Online Violin Academy is absolutely unique and cutting-edge. It has been developed based on the most advanced technologies available today in science, psychology, sports medicine, martial arts and more.

We offer you not only the most advanced violin-playing technique, but also strategies and tactics that even some of the greatest concert violinists of our day would like to have access to.

What You Get


The Crescendo System – world’s most advanced, highly effective & proven-to-work violin practicing and performance system


Exclusive access to a unique, step-by-step, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement program


Access to violin-playing technique, strategies and tactics that even some of the greatest concert violinists of our day don’t know


A secure technical basis for musical freedom, freedom beyond your expectations


The skills to explore and maximize your potential and, as a result, exploit your talent


The ability to learn much more in less time, with guaranteed results


The power and wisdom to take the path of least resistance


The capability to overcome your stage-fright and become a strong, confident and commanding player


The advantage of being offered the best jobs and career opportunities without having to chase after them


The chance to learn from the comfort of your own home, without having to spend a fortune on traveling, visas, accommodation etc.


Ultimate chance to overcome all of your technical, as well as mental limits

Our Plan For You


We will do everything to enable you to become the best violinist you can be because we too want to be proud of you.


We will inspire and help you to think big and make a difference in the world.


We would like you to become our next success-story and for you to fulfill your dreams.


We guarantee your success, if you follow our lead. Furthermore, you should be prepared to go far beyond your expectations!

It Has Never Been A Better Time To Transform Your Life!

Let us help you maximize your inborn potential to become the BEST violinist you can be

Professional Music Making and The Music Business

Times have changed and, as in every other profession, nowadays talent alone doesn’t guarantee success. It is crucial for every professional musician to understand both the business and the laws of the industry. Musicians have to know the steps they need to take to achieve their goals and build a solid career. Our team is here to make sure that no detail is left out, no secret left undiscovered, no stone left unturned.

Many of our clients are students of well-known pedagogues in prestigious universities all over the world. They come to us to access top-level consulting and coaching, which enables them to finally fulfill their highest career goals.Our services have been designed for those talented young violinists who are students in well-known conservatories/universities etc., but are not yet achieving the results they desire.

Do you sometimes feel that you are not getting the results you hoped for? If the answer is yes, talk to us. We’ll be happy to offer all of our expertise and inspiration, so you can reach YOUR most courageous goals. And we’ll inspire you wherever you are.

We are also aware that, at times, it can be a delicate situation to work with us, whilst attending courses in the world’s most renowned universities. We guarantee maximum discretion in all situations, never revealing our clients’ identity without your permission.

This is your real chance NOW to become the violinist of your dreams!