Our Departments

The Online Violin Academy is unique in its design and structure. It was created not only for young and gifted violinists who strive to become successful and highly paid professional musicians, but also for reputable professional performers who want to pursue higher career goals.

Our Online Violin Academy has four departments:

CRESCENDO – The Violinist Performer

This department is exclusively dedicated to violinists who wish to discover the secrets of becoming a skilled and successful professional.

Our team is dedicated to and specialized in offering consulting & coaching services related to every single aspect of the profession. This will then allow you to become a first-class professional free to enjoy the lifestyle you desire and charge the fees you deserve.

At the foundation of our strategies lies the famous Crescendo System, a unique system of practicing and performing on stringed instruments created over thirty years ago by Prof. Hrachya Harutyunian. This holistic system of advanced violin-technique allows every string-player to develop a supremely secure technique and enjoy extraordinary freedom in performance.

Our motto has always been and still is: Getting You Maximum Results With Minimum Effort!

You too can benefit from our know-how and maximize your inborn potential.

MAESTRO – Orchestra Audition Preparation for Strings

The MAESTRO department is dedicated to all string players (violin, viola, cello, double-bass) who wish to prepare for worldwide orchestra auditions. Our philosophy is based on an extensive and insightful knowledge of audition requirements for the world’s orchestras. Once these requirements are understood, it becomes easy to fulfill them.

The majority of the orchestra audition requirements are similar for all string instruments.

For this reason we take pride, not only in our violinists who are currently members of great orchestras all over the world (eighteen of them are Concertmasters!), but also in our viola players (three of them are today principal violists of first-class European orchestras) as well as cellists.

We also provide coaching and consulting services for clients who, despite already being members in reputable orchestras, are aiming for higher goals in their career and wish to prepare for better orchestra positions, such as concertmaster, or principal. If you are in a similar situation, do not hesitate to ask for our special “Concertmaster” service and we will be happy to help you succeed in this challenging endeavor.

Some of our clients come to us when they need to prepare to move to an orchestra in a different country, and want to learn how to adjust and fit in perfectly. We love these professional challenges and are always ready to help.

We have unbeatable strategies for your audition!
Contact us to find out more details about them.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE VIOLIN ACADEMY – Preparation for Violin Competitions

This department of our academy called the High-Performance Violin Academy (HP Violin Academy) has been designed to meet the needs of a small group of highly talented young violinists, who wish to participate in major international violin competitions. We provide services aimed to help you break through and enjoy a successful future, as outstanding concert violinists with a solid career.

The HP Violin Academy is specialized in offering extensive consulting & coaching services for the most efficient way to prepare for international competitions. Our strategies and tactics are focused on maximizing your talents and your chances to grow and to become a winner whilst minimizing the effort invested to achieve your top-performance.

We take great pride in providing the best education for young and extraordinary talented violinists available today. Our clients benefit tremendously from our know-how based on wide-ranging expertise, advanced strategies and tactics and the most up-to-date industry information available today.

Our innovations help you to transform yourself and pave your way to a stellar career as a professional concert artist who every music management in the world wants on their books!

Preparation for University Auditions

This program is dedicated to violinists who wish to be accepted into a university or a conservatory. Our course includes technical training and proven to work strategies and techniques, which you will need in order to get ready for your important goal.

You will be coached by Prof. Harutyunian personally ones or twice a week so that you will be prepared to the best of your abilities.

You too can benefit from our know-how and maximize your chances to get accepted at the music institution of your dreams.

If you are interested in this training program, fill out the form and apply for the free twenty-minute personal consulting session with Prof. Harutyunian during which you can play for him and explain your desires and intentions.

How it works?

Our online consulting & coaching sessions take place in an informal atmosphere, but are highly efficient. They are easily hosted from different countries. This means that you receive your coaching session regularly at the assigned date & time regardless of the consultant’s geographical location.

This kind of consulting and coaching is the most efficient and comfortable way ever of getting the best training for you: you learn everything you need from the comfort of your own home, without spending a fortune on travel, visas, living costs etc.

We are also consulting top professional musicians — concert violinists (some of them very well-known in the industry) who are looking for further direction and inspiration to reach even higher levels of achievement in their career. Sometimes it just takes a little fine-tuning or tweaking to get everything on the right track.

Our Job Is Done Only When You Achieve YOUR BIG GOALS

Why Us?

The Online Violin Academy is not just another music education institution. Our consulting and coaching services offer many advantages over the traditional education available in the world today and, most importantly, our expertise is arranged in such a way as to provide you with the highest quality of consulting and coaching services at the lowest cost. And it is easily accessible.

Whatever your needs or goals are, you can benefit tremendously from our knowledge and expertise, our services being designed to bring out the best in you.

Below Are The Few Top Reasons To Choose Us As Your Consultant or Coach


World-class professional consulting & coaching for violinists and other string players


Absolutely unique and cutting-edge information


Maximum results with minimum effort


Easy access not only from all countries but from the comfort of your own home


Effective solutions for a wide range of professional goals


Preparation for international violin competitions


Different solutions for different types of musicians (students, competition winners, professional orchestral musicians, concert artists etc.)


An affordable price and easy payment options

We are here to help you accomplish your most courageous goals.

It’s Your Time Now!