Free Training Videos and Excerpts from Recorded Lessons

Wieniawsky, Polonaise “Brillante” in D-major

Coaching and consulting on one of the most popular pieces of the violin repertoire (an excerpt from an online session)

Mozart, Konzert in A-major, 1st mov.

Coaching-Video (in German): Preparing for an orchestra audition, Probespieltraining fuer’s Mozart Konzert A-Dur

Elbow – The Right Arm

Consulting on technical questions: elbow & the right arm issues


Five Elements of Music

Coaching video about the most basic and yet the most important elements of music


Coaching video about how to attain the optimal intonation on the violin. (Relevant for all string instrument players)

Clean Fifth

Coaching video on how to easily play clean fifth.

Tuning the Violin

Coaching video (in German) on how to tune the violin on the stage and other stressful situations.
Wie stimme ich meine Geige auf der Buhne; in einer Probespielsituation, vor dem Auftritt etc.

Choosing the Right Repertoire

Consulting on how to choose the optimal repertoire: being able to perform on the stage and yet improving the technical issues at the same time.

Finding the Time for Practicing While Having a Very Busy Schedule

Consulting video on how to find time for practicing during the day when you have to work in the orchestra and are actually very busy. (In German)
Ueben in Situationen wenn’s keine Zeit gibt.

Consulting 156-ueben-wenn-keine-zeit

Sibelius 1

Sibelius 2

5 Elements 50%

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