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The Online Violin Academy is the world’s first music institution to provide online consulting and coaching at the highest level for talented and ambitious violinists worldwide. Our expertise and experience will revolutionize your approach to the violin, transforming you as an artist and professional musician. Unconstrained by the formalities of academic education, we offer the most efficient and refined strategies and tactics in use by some of the world’s foremost violinists.

We take great pride in unlocking your artistic and career potential so you may join ranks with the leading soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians of our time.


We are also dedicated to coaching viola, cello and double-bass in the form of orchestra audition training.


What Our Students Say…

“Prof. Harutyunian is a fabulous teacher whose attention to detail is both challenging and exhilarating. His culture of violin playing and his ability to transmit that culture is astonishing and inspiring. I`m delighted that I crossed his path. My violin playing has benefited tremendously.”

Sally Ann Yeh

Violinist and Pedagogue, Basel/Liestal, Switzerland

“Dear Maestro Harutyunian, Since I am working with you my play has improved so much that I’ve never presumed to believe it is possible. Thank you from bottom of my heart! Your work is first class – in every sense!”

Angelika Schmidt

Concert Violinist, Vienna, Austria

“This is a better education than I got in total of 5 years of my University study! I can’t imagine how different my life would have been had I missed this opportunity… I didn’t really get before how shall I approach what I wanted, i.e. to become a great pro. Maestro Harutyunian’s lessons are something you MUST do for yourself if you want to become a serious violinist!”

Alexis Weinbrot

Violinist, Sydney, Australia

“Whenever I practice, I feel that I was lucky to have had your lessons…
Thank you very much. You helped me a lot…”

Kotoko Adachi

Concert Violinist, Tokyo, Japan

What Our Colleagues Say…

“Hrachya Harutyunian is a very wonderful colleague of mine, an excellent violinist and a great musician. Moreover, I was able to sense his great teaching capability that he had received through his studies with the most renowned pedagogues. We have often performed together as solo-partners and I got to highly appreciate his distinguished way of music making.
I am delighted to recommend him!”

Sir Yehudi Menuhin

“Hrachya Harutyunian is a first-class violinist and musician with whom I worked for several years. He is a wonderful teacher as well as performer. I recommend him enthusiastically and I am sure his Violin School will be of great help to all violinists.”

Alberto Lysy

Director of the International Menuhin Music Academy, Switzerland

“Hrachya Harutyunian is a colleague of mine, whom I value very much. I had the opportunity to teach together with him several times. I was very impressed with how he enabled his pupils to give their best with simple and at the same time precise instructions. I consider him the leading expert in the field of Audition Training. I wish Hrachya all the best and recommend his Online Violin Academy to all young musicians who set themselves high career goals.”

Vadim Repin

“I have known Mr. Hrachya Harutyunian since1993. He has been my associate at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. I have also come to know him as an excellent soloist.

I consider the opening of his school as an advancement for the development of the rising generation of string players and therefore for the musical life in Germany.

The method offered by him fills the gap in music education.
It will be beneficial to those players who aspire a high standard of professional quality. Only talented, technically and musically equipped musicians who meet the enormously increased high expectations of the music industry and our great orchestras of nowadays have a chance to be accepted today. Harutyunian’s “Crescendo!” Academy with his comprehensive method offers an extraordinary help in achieving this goal”.

Hellmut Stern

First Violinist and many years managing director of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, Author of the bestseller “Seitenspruenge”

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